Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Build on What You Have"

"BUILD on What You Have"

Psalm 118:23 NLT
This is The Lord's doing, and it is wonderful to see. 

Build--to establish, increase, or strengthen.

Growing up as a little girl I did not have a consistent relationship with my earthly Father. For reasons unknown to me he was in and out and seeing him was far and few between. I grew up not understanding why he wasn't consistent with me. In school, some of the kids fathers would pick them up from school and at times would come to the programs at school. I suffered as a teenager and for a season as an adult for him not being present. I remember when I opened up my first Salon my Father gave me $100, it was as if he had given me a million dollars. I treasured that moment for a long time. On 11/11/13 I was in Birmingham and I called him and He ANSWERED. Good God from Zion, He ANSWERED!!! When you seek and call on The Lord, He will ANSWER. I had not talk to him or seen him in a very long time, BUT, and can somebody say BUT!!! When I called, He ANSWERED!!! Lord Jesus!!! When he picked up the phone I said, "hey dad, I am coming to see you today". He said, "hey baby, ok I'll be here at 5". Keep in mind I really have not built a relationship with my earthly Father. For many years I tried but it never came to pass. So I pressed my way over to visit with him, not really knowing what I would say or how I would say it. When I got there we hugged each other and I proceeded to sit and talk. I began talking and being myself, it was as if he had been there all along. You see I had made up in my mind and settled in my heart that I had forgiven my Dad for the pain that he was unaware that he had caused in the previous years of my life. We were talking and laughing and having the time of our lives. I decided that the past didn't matter and that I would "Build on what I have", and at that particular time it was that NOW moment. The laughter and smiles on our faces was priceless!! I felt like a little girl sitting in McDonalds eating a cheeseburger happy meal that my Dad had bought and anxiously waiting to open up the toy inside the box. I had a BLAST!!! I had an opportunity to speak life to and over my Dad. I encouraged him and told him that, "we don't lay down or stay down, we get up for the Bless UP"! I told my Dad to open the blinds and let some life and light in the house. I called my Dad 2 days after visiting with him and he said, "girl you changed my life, I opened my blinds this morning". He went on to tell me that he had gone to work, in which he has not worked in a while. My Dad is equipped and certified in brick masonry, my Dad is a Builder. Lord help me God!!! My Jesus is a Builder and He has delivered and healed me so I am able to see my earthly Dad in a different light and to, "Build on What I Have". My Dad and I are establishing, increasing and strengthening our relationship, AND this IS The Lord's doing and it is wonderful to SEE. Psalm 118:23 NLT

God is mending broken relationships in this very hour. Forgiveness is necessary to move on to your next. I admonish you on today, if you don't have a functioning relationship with your Mother or Father reach out to them and watch God BUILD. The visit with my  Dad took my relationship  with God to another level. Build a strong relationship with God and He will Build everything else, including YOU! 

"Build on What You Have", that is your NOW!!! QDJ

There is a HUGE Shift in the Atmosphere, there is motion and movement in the places that seem still and stagnant. 

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