Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"unFeigned Love, Breeds unFettered PRAISE, Fervently"

"unFeigned Love, Breeds unFettered PRAISE, Fervently"

1 Peter 1:22 Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:  KJV

Unfeigned--sincere; genuine
Unfettered--to free from restraint; liberate
Feverently--having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm

When disappointment tries to birth interruption in or lives, remember that Love Conquers ALL. My Best Friend says all the time, "Love the hell(what is residing in a person) out of people". Even in let down/disappointments that people/situations may try to spill in your lap continue to sow unFeigned Love. Now this task at times can be most difficult, BUT with the full dependency on and in God, it shall be accomplished. On October 1, 2013, the month and season of "Harvest", I was given a job. The career move I have been waiting patiently on for sometime now. I was super excited, jumping up and down crying and thanking God for my Harvest! I began singing, "The Best is Yet to Come"and every other song I could think of pertaining to my Season of Harvest. I texted my Bishop screaming through via text message, something he had preached about, "MY HARVEST HAS COME"!!! Then I said out of my mouth, "Oh Yeah"!!!!  My "unfettered praise was fervent"!! Previously in June I had an interview with  the same company and position, BUT I got a, "Dear Abby" email(while on vacation at the beach) stating I didn't get the position and best of luck in my near future. Really???  Ok, while waiting on a date to start something didn't seem right. I called several times and I even talked to the person whom had copied my drivers license and took possession of my Certified Certification license(what I went to school for). They said "I will call you in a couple of days and give you an attentive date".  Well days went by and no phone call as promised. Was my Praise Unfettered and Fervent??? Answer, YES it was!!! Time went by and 21 days had suddenly come upon me. Study shows that a person can make a change in 21 days. We often fast for 21 days and it brings GRAND change in my life each and every time. Ok, I got up because enough was enough, I got dressed and headed to get some verbal answers because in my Spirit I already knew. When I got out of the car I looked at my calendar it was a Monday, BUT the 21st day. I walked in asked for the person and trust me they were waiting and expecting me, because they had my liscense that I went to school and worked hard for. Got in the office and to make a long story short this person spits disappointment to me out of their mouth while sliding me my liscense across the desk back to me. They said I have given the position to someone else. Oh my!! Not, Oh Yeah!! Really? Unbelievable!!! Oh, Yes IT was!!! I walked out, IN Love, with my knowledge, gift, liscense and my DIGNITY. I said thank you and left. On the onset I was HIGHLY disappointed, BUT I got passed it quick! Oh Yes I DID!!! You see, what God has for "Q" it IS for Me!! That was not for me. Can you still have unFeigned Love and unFettered Praise, Feverently after that?? Yes I DID!!! I couldn't be upset over what wasn't mine!! Because MINE is Pressed Down Shaken Together and Running Over!!! 

I Speak Life and Prophectically OVER myself:

Qua' Sonya that door closed and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has just opened another one. This one is, HUGE, COLOSSAL, MEGA, ENORMOUS, TREMENDOUS, STUPENDOUS, INCREDIBLE and WILL Shift me to a whole New, Next LEVEL!!! Already has!!!

My Brother said to me on yesterday, "There is no Climax without a climb"!! He also said, and I LOVE this one, "The Team Work, makes the Dream Work"!! Grand God from ZION!! You see, this particular situation has put FIRE under me, Oh Yes it has!!! Thank You for disappointing me, the stakes just went UP!! Oh Yeah!! You must ALWAYS Love inspite of, with Praise in your Heart and on your lips. In and with Geinuine Love it will ALWAYS tear DOWN satan's teeney, weeney kingdom. 

"unFeigned Love, Breeds unFettered Praise, Fervently"!!

My Worship is for REAL!! This Devotional is Dedicated to my BEST Friend!!!

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